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Why Hire Moments by Danielle Nicole As Your Wedding Photographer or Videographer?

Let’s discuss why you should hire Moments by Danielle Nicole as your wedding photographer or videographer!

I Care–A Lot!

Above all else, I care about my couples. Most couples DO hire Moments by Danielle Nicole as their wedding photographer or videographer because they know I DO care about them. They are not just another wedding on my calendar. I try to go the extra mile to get gorgeous images. Your wedding is more than just an event I’m getting paid to show up for–I LOVE getting to know my couples before their day through their complimentary engagement shoot and custom timeline planning to make the day run more smoothly.

Need a photographer who’s willing to ruin a pair of shoes, get your estranged families to laugh magically, creatively deliver “the shot” you want, while passionately becoming your biggest cheerleader? I’M YOUR GIRL! Plus, I am creative, detail oriented, and a perfectionist when it comes to my photography…so yes I will make sure you get only the most perfect images ever!!

It Takes More Than Just A Camera

Just because someone owns a nice camera, does not mean they know how to use it to produce amazing images. You need a photographer who not only owns the right equipment, but also has education in lighting, posing, composition, and technical knowledge. Lucky for you–I have invested a lot of money and time in photography education from famous photography educators, such as Amy & Jordan Photography, Katelyn James Photography, and many other photographers with similar teaching styles. I know my equipment and how to use it in all scenarios.

Hiring An Amateur Means More Work For You

Hiring someone who may be offer lower pricing may mean they are an amateur and they are trying to gain experience before bumping their prices. Don’t let their inexperience cost you your experience. Hiring someone with less experience may end in your photography expectations not being met and you having to tell them how to capture your day and they still might not get the images you imagined in your head.

I know what shots to capture and you can have full confidence that I will be exactly where you want me to be creating the images that you will look back on the rest of your life. My secret is sticking to our timeline and knowing the flow of the day to get the best images with lighting and locations.

It’s What You Have At The End

Do you have a photo on your phone with your significant other that was taken after/during a stressful moment between you two? When you look at it, all you remember is the stress–no matter how beautiful it turned out. My #1 goal is to set myself up to achieve great images and great memories through prep work and creating a positive environment with my encouraging personality.

You Only Have One Chance

Some of the most precious moments on your wedding day happen in a split of a second and then they are over, such as your first kiss or the walk down the aisle. You need someone who knows shooting, lighting, posing techniques and how to get images in a rushed, chaotic environment.

Okay, have I convinced you yet?

If not, do not HESITATE to reach out with questions! Remember, the consultation is FREE, even if you decide not to book with me.

Why should you hire Moments by Danielle Nicole as your Wedding Photographer?

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March 16, 2023

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