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Dreamy Summer Maternity Session in Watson, Minnesota

No words describe this dreamy summer maternity session of my dear friend Dakota and her adorable, growing family in Watson, Minnesota at their family’s ranch. Photography is a job that can so easily burn you out. Not only do you play endless amounts of roles within this business (so very thankful for my tax lady!), but sometimes it feels like you will never catch up on everything. It’s the beauty and curse of having your own business. The sky is the limit on what you can do and where you want to go next. On top of that, trying to be creative all the time is truly taxing.

Photography is truly a job you have to train your eye to see the beauty in bad, even ugly, circumstances and draw out the beauty in them to create magic.

Then you have sessions and moments like this dreamy summer maternity session in particular with the most amazing clients-turned-friends. Somehow, your cup of creativity is filled back up again. I’m a little sad it took so long for Dakota and I to meet. I guarantee we would have made great friends in high school. But, I am so glad she DM’d me last year for a “coffee date”.

Since meeting, she’s become my wedding second shooter, my go-to when I need another’s opinion on my latest business venture, the woman and mama I admire, and so much more.

She’s an amazing photographer herself (check her out: Kota Rae Photography). These photos show just a snippet of who Dakota is and how much her family loves her. We all cannot wait to meet Baby B and I’m secretly hoping our boys grow up to become best friends. I am endlessly thankful for Dakota and all the joy she brings to life and to those around her.

Dakota brings so much life and joy to those around her. She invited me out to her family’s ranch near Watson, Minnesota. We took the most epic photos surrounded by the prettiest of wildflowers and winding river. Hands down one of the prettiest places I have shot at yet. We need more places on earth like the Weber Ranch. There would be so much more peace on earth. I’m hoping there’s a version just like it in Heaven to explore.

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July 2, 2023

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