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Jumpstarting Your Photography Business Course – Online Course

Want to learn more about jumpstarting your new photography business? I have some exciting news for you! A new online beginner’s course is launching this fall!

I am kicking off my NEW ONLINE BEGINNER’S COURSE this fall-Jumpstarting Your Photography Business!

Right now, I have a waitlist open for early birds who want to receive 25% off the course. If you’d like to join the waitlist, click the link below! My course will be targeted for new wedding or portrait photographers.

This course Jumpstarting Your Photography Business will cover a series of topics, such as your business mindset, legal & business foundations for starting your business, systems and workflows, financial principles, and your fulltime blueprint and deciding when to make the leap from part time to fulltime to pursue your passion for photography!

You will learn from a mixture of pdf guides, online videos, personal testimonies of other successful photographers, and course videos with visual PowerPoint slides.

Not only will you recieve this online course, but you will also receive some AMAZING RESOURCES, such as:

  • My exclusive session and wedding workflow excel and pdf printable charts for my exact workflow.
  • Daily and monthly planners to keep you on track to achieve your business goals.
  • My multi-tab excel tax file I use to track my finances that makes tax season a BREEZE. This file includes tabs to keep track of your overall expenses, overall income per session, projected expenses, mileage, taxes, and sales tax reporting.
  • A full video walking you through my own Sprout Studio Photography Business CRM, along with receiving a 20% discount code if you want to buy it after testing it out for 30 days for free. It is the only CRM to include combine photography galleries and a business CRM in one platform. It offers: Album Proofing, Bookkeeping, Advanced Reports & Analytics, Inquiries & Clients, Payment Processing, Emails, Proposals & Contracts, Online Booking, Workflows, Calendar Integration, Reports & Analytics, Online Galleries, Print Sales, Product Sales, Slideshows, Lab Integration, Email Marketing.
  • 25% Discount code to purchase my Canva Templates for Clients: Signature Bridal Guide (100+ pages); Style Guides for Families, High School Seniors, Newborns, Maternity; Portrait Booking & Pricing Guide, Wedding Booking & Pricing Guide, and etc.
Jumpstarting Your Photography Business Course - Moments by Danielle Nicole

Press the button above to join the waitlist for my new, upcoming course in Fall 2023:
Jumpstarting Your Photography Business!

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New Online Photographers Course

August 9, 2023

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