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As a Christian-based business, I love supporting local missionaries. I do this by supporting and donating to local ministries. In 2022, MBDN decided to monthly sponsor a child part of the World Vision Sponsor Program. I also donated funds to Grace, a newly hire Child Safety and Protection Advocate and Family Strengthening Specialist on the Program Development Team for GlobalFingerprints. Grace and I went to college together, so it is so fun support her mission work!

Last year, Grace graduated with her MS in Social Work in May and began her MA in Christian Ministry.

I was honored to donate to Grace’s mission trip to Promise Home. From November 23 to December 5, she travelled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to participate in a medical mission trip. Along with an interdisciplinary team of professionals including a physical therapist, a speech language pathologist, a nurse, and a counselor, she went to a home for children with extra needs to conduct assessments on the children there and help with developing the organization’s capacity to serve the children and youth under their care. Supporting local missionaries is so cool to play a part in God’s work.

The staff who run the home have requested that a team of professionals come to do medical, behavioral, and mental health assessments on the children.

There is limited medical or therapeutic care in the DRC. So they are hoping to establish a long-term partnership with this home. They also want to equip current staff to provide the children in the home with the necessary care through coaching and the development of individualized case plans. This trip focused on equipping those who are already on the ground in the DRC. And also partnering with the existing ministry to meet needs that they have expressed.

In my role as a social worker, I primarily tackled three projects while in the Congo:

  • Doing mental health and behavioral assessments on each of the children at the Promise Home 
  • Working with children who have experienced significant trauma and are having behavior issues as a result. 
  • Helping to create care plans to address the extensive trauma experienced by many of the children in the home and teaching the workers how to develop a care plan. (These care plans will be composed of medical, behavioral, and mental health needs and formed through interdisciplinary collaboration.)

Grace is officially a Child Protection Advocate! In this role, she is based stateside in Minnesota and travels regularly to different sponsorship locations to do assessments, trainings, and other development initiatives. This role focuses on increasing the wellbeing of our children in their programs as well as working within the family system to promote a healthy family. In February, she traveled to India to run health screenings for children in the program there to get a baseline for the health of their children there. They screened over 270 children!

Check out what she has to share with you all below:

Hi y’all! Recently, I was able to go on a mission trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to partner with a home for children with special needs. This home is part of a child sponsorship program, and our team’s focus was to work with the local staff to create care plans for each child in the home as well as to address other areas of desired program development. During our time at the home, we were able to collaborate with the staff to create care plans for every single child residing there. The exciting part of this ministry is that our team has a two year commitment to work with this home. Our initial trip to the DRC was the first step in starting the process of organizational change, and since getting home last month, we have begun meeting virtually with the staff members from the home to continue this development work in order to see these children loved and cared for with excellence. What a wonderful picture of the Father’s heart for us, and His desire for humanity to experience His love and care.

Dani was so generous in helping financially support me in going to the DRC as well as in praying over my time overseas, and I am so grateful for her willingness to join in the work the Lord is doing around the world. What a blessing to have partners who are saying “yes!” to the Lord and living in joyful generosity.

Written by Grace

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March 20, 2023

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